Ministry’s Message

H.E. Minister Tram Iv Tek

Minister of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Thank you for visiting the Digital Cambodia 2019 Website. It gives me the greatest pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Digital Cambodia 2019 Conference and Exhibition, 15 to 17 March 2019, in the rapidly growing and proud city of Phnom Penh.

We are excited to host the first ever Digital Cambodia this year, and anticipate the following annual Digital Cambodia Conferences will build on the foundation we have established, providing more value to you and all conference goers. This inaugural year we have as our theme, “Towards Industry 4.0”. In Cambodia we recognize the significant transformation taking place in manufacturing and production automation, particularly the great advancements in digital technology reshaping the manufacturing sector.

As manufacturing is one of four pillars upon which Cambodia’s economy thrives, industry 4.0 represents such a compelling transition in manufacturing and automation, that Cambodia as undertaken strategic efforts to harness its power in order to expand, diversify, and strengthen our manufacturing base. Just like previous industry revolutions, economic activity soared, creating jobs, opportunities, and prosperity for more people. As economies around the globe become increasingly more digital, the landscape of opportunity becomes broader, which also means leaders and innovators need to be prepared to successfully navigate in economic environments where digital technologies rapidly and dramatically transform our world.

Our aim with Digital Cambodia 2019 is to provide you with opportunities to learn, explore, experience, discuss, and network, among digital technology professionals and entrepreneurs, thought leaders, government leaders, academics, and students, whose passion is the digital technology sphere. Our distinguished and panel of speakers have a range of impressive experience, and will showcase exciting digital trends and developments, and discuss how to purpose digital technologies in meaningful and effective ways.

Please mark your calendars for Digital Cambodia 2019, 15 to 17 March 2019, and be prepared to be inspired. If it is digital, it is Digital Cambodia.

We look forward to seeing you then.